10/23 – california shabu shabu

and the surprise festivities continue… this time to celebrate helen’s very belated birthday.

jenn and i coordinated to meet at milk + honey. she and helen will have lunch and mmai and i will show up with a cheesecake.

its a really cute ice cream/frozen yogurt/sandwich place.  the inside is kinda small but it has this cute outside area.

haha i had time to take pictures because jenn and helen were running late

pumpkin cheesecake. sorry helen – they ran out of chocolate mousse. haha just your luck

mai trying to steal helen’s thunder. haha


greeting from our boston friend!

i hope you made a wish!

so the lady at the store said it was ready to eat…it was frozen!

happy belated birthday!

afterward we went indoor rock climbing at rockreation in costa mesa which is just down the street from milk + honey.  helen took pictures of our climb so when she posts those i’ll insert some pictures here.  even though the wall kicked my ass, again, it was a lot of fun! cant wait til the next time…haha even though it might be awhile…

we went to california shabu shabu for dinner.  in case you dunno what it is, each person gets their own pot of water/broth to cook their meat and veggies.  it can be confused with hot pot which is the same thing, but in hot pot, you have one community pot, so if someone is sick, everyone is sharing his or her germs… i usually only eat shabu shabu/hot pot during cold weather

Regular Choice Beef – 9 pieces of meat served with assorted vegetables, udon noodles, rice and pickles – $15

it became 2 meals – once we finished with the rice, we cooked the udon..soooo full in the end.

hope you had a great bday!

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